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Alternate Download: Mupen64k(Mupen64++

Mupen64k(Mupen64++) uses the host's game save files. If you have decompressed savedata or desync issues your save data may be corrupt so it is adviced your backup savedata files (.eep .sra). You can find game saves at or however using save files that were done through Cheat codes may cause problems. Additionally it may be required to have all users use the same SaveData as the host or not have SaveData at all.

*Do not manually emulate a game after opening kaillera because it will corrupt the file. Only emulate said rom online through kaillera, doing it offline(without kaillera open) will corrupt the save data file making it unusable online.

To update the rom list to show unidentified roms Right Click the rom then click ROM Properties. Now open the unused uncompressed Mupen64.ini (located outside of the folder) and add the information using same format as other roms.
[MD5 Checksum]
Good Name= Rom Name
Header Code= Ini Code

Recommendations for Kaillera
Use JaboDirect3D8 graphics plugin (or Rice for specific games)
Supraclient (v0.9 Official Client)

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